Six Year Old’s Rare Birthmark


I happened to come across this beautiful story about a six year old named Matilda…

Matilda Callaghan a six year old girl from Leigh, Greater Manchester was born with a rare birthmark that covers three-forths of her face. This condition is called Sturge-Weber syndrome and in order keep it from spreading, requires treatment.

Unfortunately, treatment is never cheap as her parents can attest to spending over $50,000 within 18 months. This money was also put towards her life saving surgery she needed as a child, as she was born with two holes in her heart and a pouch in her throat.

Whats unique about Sturge-Weber syndrome is not only does it cover her face, it also covers the right side of her body which affects the brain, eyes and gums leaving her unable to speak.

Matilda will endure bruising marks due to the treatment until she’s sixteen years old. At age six, Matilda has undergone 30 operations.

While she still cannot speak or walk, she’s given her parents so much hope as she continues to smile.

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