Simple Sugars On Shark Tank

Simple Sugars On Shark Tank

Simple Sugars On Shark Tank – Say that 5 times fast

If you live in America, one of the best shows on tv is Shark Tank. While it comes on Friday nights (terrible day and time), i’ve made it a point to always watch it (DVR of course). For those of you that don’t watch it, let me break it down.

Shark Tank originally started in Japan where its called Money Tigers. Then other countries picked up the format and renamed it. In Canada its called Dragons’ Den, Afghanistan its called Fikr wa Talash, in America its called Shark Tank and so on and so forth.

Shark Tank is about aspiring entrepreneurs who need investments in their companies or products. They pitch their idea to 5 sharks to see if they will invest in their company/product. The sharks use their own money to invest but in return get a percentage or royalties from their company. This is of course after they put them through the ringer. The sharks like to make sure the people are 100% invested and will work hard. 

I can’t get enough of it and find it so inspiring. A lot of the times you have to know somebody, who knows somebody, who know that other somebody to get someone to listen to your idea let alone invest.

Anyway, I’m rambling on but the point of this post is to point out a girl who stood out to me.

Lani Lazzari an eighteen year old (when this was filmed) from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania started a company called Simple Sugars when she was just eleven years old. Simple Sugars was created because Lani suffered from eczema when she was an infant. Like most of us, she couldn’t find any products that worked for her skin. At eleven years old she decided to research and came up with sugar scrub that helped her eczema.

*Simple Sugars – All natural sugar scrubs that exfoliates the skin, providing deep moisture. 

Its a great concept and pitch and a must watch if you have eczema. My favorite pitches are ones that solve skin issues (naturally lol). Just thought I would share this because its pretty awesome. Kudos to Lani for trying to help tackle a pain in the ass problem. Eczema!!

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