Save My Skin – Patient Resists Her Eczema Treatment Plan

After watching this brief segment of Save My Skin, I was frustrated with Dr. Emma Craythorne and heartbroken for Louise.

For those of us that have gone through topical steroid withdrawal, one MAJOR aspect many medical experts fail to understand is that it’s LIBERATING. No, we are not delusional if we don’t want a “temporary quick fix.” Because once you wean off of the steroids, our skin becomes inflamed again. The symptoms are WORSE, to the point where we swear off steroids altogether.

The side effects aren’t worth it. This is why you’re seeing a WAVE of people trying this method and aren’t looking back. The steroids are too strong, too severe, and too damaging to even think about going back.

Louise mentioned the state of her skin has taken a mental toll on her. She’s absolutely right. You truly go through it when you’re battling your skin every day. There comes a point where you think to yourself “this cannot be it.” There has to be a better way to manage eczema because the awful side effects are just not worth it.

There’s an element of addiction once you’re on the topical steroids. Yes, your skin will absorb the steroids, and then crave more. And you will need to feed the beast.

It’s 2020, the concept of life-long damaging steroids is VERY DATED. I’m still wondering why it’s being pushed so heavily, especially when there are safter options.

A new decade calls for change.

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