Russian Roulette And Skin Cancer?

Russian Roulette And Skin Cancer

Have you ever played Russian Roulette? You know, that game of chance? Many of you reading this will say no. But I’m sure you have. In fact, you’re playing it right now. How you might ask…easily its called cancer. An its pure evil.

Cancer is one of thee most known diseases around the world. Everyday there is new information coming out about cancer. In fact, just a few hours ago, Jimmy Carter informed the public that he is battling cancer. We hear about it so much that the majority of people (sadly) ignore it. Not because they want to, but because the word has become diluted. When people hear the word cancer they either cringe because they have it, had it or know someone with it. Or they completely tune it out as if it were an internet popup ad where they click the X and it disappears.

Personally, I’m in the category that cringes when I hear the word, as I have a relative who is battling stage IV lung cancer. There is really nothing to say except for the fact that it really is pure evil. To have a beautiful life diminished in the hands of something so powerful is beyond words.

Often times I read stories on Thought Catalog. Some are incredible. Other are silly. Overall its just mindless reading, something I enjoy very much. One day, I happened to see the title of this story called, “Man With Skin Cancer Chronicles His Journey In This Heart-Wrenching Photo Journal.” At first I skipped over it. My natural instinct was to avoid reading a sob story. I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to read it. It was scary. It seemed like something that was too dark. It seemed sad.

Then I thought to myself, how could I be so selfish? This isn’t some scripted reality show. This isn’t someone posing and giving the illusion of living this grandiose life. This is a person! A stranger really, who has decided to open up during the most vulnerable time in their life. They are giving you an inside look and showing you their battle with skin cancer. Up close and personal with pictures capturing the journey. This is real life. This is reality.

I was going to do a summary of the story in bullet points. Then I thought, absolutely not. People can to take the time out of their busy day to look at this story themselves.

If you decided not to read it. Thats ok. I won’t hold you to it. Its hard.

But if you do. Please look at all of it. Don’t look at seven pictures and decided you’ve had enough or can’t handle it. Why? Because cancer doesn’t work that way. Cancer doesn’t just decide it will appear on a X-ray for a few minutes and then say meh, I’m done. It sticks with you! An that’s exactly what you should when you look at Steve Hock’s journey with skin cancer. Stick with him.

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