Refused Haircut for Psoriasis

Refused Haircut Because of Psoriasis
Refused Haircut Because of Psoriasis

This Is Sad.

  • Julia Apodaca-Lane from Tuscaloosa was refused service for her psoriatic arthritis which causes her to have psoriasis
  • Was asked “Are you contagious?” from a Startstyle hair salon
  • The Board of Cosmetology (Alabama) states every stylist has the right to refuse a customer if they fear their health is in danger.
  • States the customer should bring “Some kind of documentation”

I got to the car and I just sat there and sobbed. Just cried and cried and cried. I mean like ugly heaving sobbing. I’m paranoid about it. People looking at me and not knowing what it is. She made me feel self conscious. She made me feel like I had done something wrong. That there was something wrong with me. ~Julia Apodaca-Lane

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