Prurigo Nodularis Trial Study – Looking for Participants

Although October is officially Eczema Awareness Month, one of the beautiful things about being apart of this community is highlighting other conditions.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with Betty who is a Patient Recruitment Specialist for Clinical Trials. After our discussion, Betty educated me on a skin condition similar to eczema called prurigo nodularis. Although it may not be as common as eczema, it’s still important to recognize and spread awareness of any and all skin conditions.

So what exactly is prurigo nodularis (PN)? It’s a skin condition where the skin forms thick nodules or crusty lumps that cause intense itching. They are most commonly found on the arms and legs and seem to appear at the hair follicles. The cause is unknown and it is classified as an autoimmune disease.

This skin condition remains to be a challenge to treat as researchers and the medical community work collectively to find relief.

Luckily, there’s a trial going on right now that needs participants to help in getting one step closer to finding a cure. If you’re interested and suffering from prurigo nodularis, take this pre-screener which will help determine if you’re eligible for the trial study series.

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