People with Eczema Should Only Shower 4 times per Week

This article in Yahoo, explains that one eczema triggers that’s largely ignored is over showering. As this can lead to drying the skin out, causing inflammation and flare-ups.

“If someone with eczema works out every day, they should be showering after each workout,” explains Bae. “However, if someone doesn’t work out daily and doesn’t really sweat much, I would recommend keeping showering to a minimum, within reason.”

If you lead a very active lifestyle then its best to shower accordingly. However, for those that don’t, showering less can be quite beneficial towards your eczema.

It’s also important to remember to bath within 5-10 minutes in warm or lukewarm water. Avoid bubble baths and make sure to moisturize right after.

For more – check out the Yahoo article – 

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