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Move over farm-to-table, Ouro skincare is here to show you that farm-to-skin is the next best thing. There’s a huge movement involving an organic approach to how we treat our skin. More importantly, what exactly we’re putting on our skin and why it matters. People are shifting away from “overly engineered” products and search for pure ingredients that will help benefit their skin.

Ouro founder Juliana Kuhlwein prides herself on being a farm girl, who ironically knew nothing about being a “girl” when it came to self-care. Growing up without a motherly figure, Juliana didn’t discover the world of beauty until her twenties. With this newfound discovery, Juliana felt that there was always something missing from skincare products.

Upon entering her thirties now married with three children, and living on a farm named Ensemblage, she decided it was time to take her skincare serious. Although she considered botox, she made a unique discovery involving goat milk.

Using their high butterfat percentage in the milk, she combined goat milk, butterfat, and oils to create Ouro skincare line.

Ouro ingredients include:

  • goat milk
  • goat ghee
  • coconut water
  • coconut oil
  • avocado oil
  • meadowfoam oil
  • shea butter

I had the pleasure of testing out three of their nine products.

First up was their revitalizing scrub that includes jojoba beads and smells divine. You’ll only need a very tiny amount to gently exfoliate, clean, and hydrate your skin. There’s nothing better than a good face scrub.

Next, I tried the revitalizing moisturizer. What I enjoyed about this is the consistency of the products. The moisturizer wasn’t too thick or thin, which tends to be a problem with moisturizers. This product is great for irritated skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and hydrating.

Last but certainly not least, was the all over body butter. Now, this felt very soothing to my skin. It’s especially calming for eczema or any irritations you may have. It’s paraben-free and doesn’t leave a sticky film or residue like other body kinds of butter.

While it’s easy to purchase products from your local store, there’s nothing better than supporting small businesses and startups. Juliana created Ouro skincare with love and a touch of precision while keeping true to her farm girl roots.

To check out more of these products visit the website below.
Source: https://www.ouroskincare.com/

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