Who can forget this classic? 

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of trending articles on bone broth and the health benefits. Now, I’ve known for ages that broth is incredibly healthy. Not to mention mmm mmm good (It’s ok to laugh at my corniness). What I didn’t know was that there is a restaurant in NYC dedicated to just broth which I may have to test out soon. Its called Brodo and its broth severed on the go. Genius idea! Take a look below

Another article I find was about Shailene Woodley and how she swears by bone broth.

Shailene Woodley for those that don’t know is an actress who is known for her all natural, extremely alternative lifestyle. She eats bugs, goes foraging for wild food, collects spring water, doesn’t wear deodorant and the list goes on. Although she is labeled as eccentric she really shouldn’t be. If anything she’s doing it right! Shailene is very in tune with her surroundings and everything she puts into her body. Something that we should all take note of. We’ve been consumers of many things that aren’t healthy and unfortunately this has become the norm. I am convinced this is why a lot of us are sick and have mysterious ailments.

Here are some benefits of bone broth

  • Great for digestion
    Acts as a detox
    Improves bones and joints
    ***Good for skin — anti-inflammatory
    Works wonders for hair and nails
    Immune boosting

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Thinking about making your own bone broth? Check this guy’s recipe 

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