Netflix Documentary | The Bleeding Edge

This documentary was completely eye-opening and left me with a pit in the bottom my stomach!! If this isn’t motivation to live your best healthy life and research EVERY SINGLE THING, then I don’t know what else it would take to persuade you.

Although this documentary isn’t about people with skin conditions it’s very informative about a dark side of the medical device industry that’s “regulated”.

Being CONSISTENTLY fed commercials about new products to clear up/treat “eczema” is something that should be taken into account and questioned. Long gone are the days when you can “trust your Doctor” (sorry doctors, but its the truth) it’s really a matter of doing due diligence.

That being said, I admire the engineers, doctors, whistleblowers etc that really do care about helping people improve their lives. Clearly, not everyone is corrupt and looking for a payout. As a patient, it’s important to see things from every aspect in order to get a clear understanding. It’s also important to question EVERYTHING, especially if you feel that a certain recommendation from a medical personnel is REALLY being pushed on you.

I suggest watching this documentary, especially if you feel like you’ve ever been wronged in the medical world.

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