Navigating Your Dermatologist Appointment

Navigating Your Dermatologist Appointment
Navigating Your Dermatologist Appointment

Everyone should see a dermatologist at some point in their life. Skin is the largest organ of the body and should be treated as such.

Wondering how to get started? Here are some tips

  • Referrals – It’s a good idea to get a referral from family, friends or your current doctor.
  • Research – ALWAYS ALWAY ALWAY research any doctor you go to.
  • Specify – If you are going for a specific reason, narrow down your search by seeing a specialist.
  • Insurance – Make sure the doctor take your insurance. If you’re not sure, you can always call and ask. In addition, be sure you know the exact cost and what the deductibles will be. This is different from your copay. Please understand the difference! (see article for reference)
  • Prescription Costs – Can be expensive. Familiarize yourself with the costs and see if there is an alternative if you can’t afford it.
  • Barefaced – Please don’t wear makeup to an appointment. This is to help the doctor analyze your skin. In addition, they check your scalp or no fancy hairdos please.
  • List of Meds – They will ask for previous medicine you’ve taken. This is so they understand what works on your skin and what doesn’t. They don’t want to give you the same medicine if its not working.
  • Being Prepared – This includes why you are there in the first place (disregard if you are just doing a routine check up). If you are there for a specific reason, let the doctor know so you can get to the bottom of the project.

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