Natural Beauty Secrets From Around The World Part II

Natural Beauty Secrets From Around The World Part II

// India \\
From the bold colors to the flavorful spices, Indians are knowns for their beautiful rich culture and impeccable skin. So to keep it that way the use turmeric for their skin and coconut oil for their gorgeous hair.

// Israel \\
Known for being one of the countries in the Mediterranean for its sacred land, Israel’s use dead sea as a cleansing mask. An with all the hot sunny days they look to ginger and honey to prevent their skin from wrinkles.

// Mexico \\
Viva La Mexico. In order to achieve their curly eyelashes Mexicans use a spoon which can give it the perfectly volume.

// Morocco \\
Carpets are a specialty of Morocco as their process for making them is very unique and a tourist attracts to those around the world. But did you know the Moroccans use argan oil for everything? Within recent years this became big in the US but Moroccans have been using this beauty secret for ages.

// Philippines \\
Filipinos are known for their generosity, FOOD and beautiful paradise like beaches. So it only makes sense that hey use seaweed for their hair and sake for taking a bath to keep skin glowing.

// Poland \\
A country that has so much history passed down from generation to generation, the Polish use egg yolk mixed with lemon juice and olive oil as a hair mask.

// Romania \\
My old neighbors (who are amazing) were Romania and one thing I can say about Romanians is that they LIVE for soccer…er Futbol. Along with a few other country olive oil and vitamins, but this time its for their nails.

// Russia \\
Vodka! Russia have blessed the world their they deep culture and of course their infamous vodka. But when it comes to their facial masks they use oatmeal to keep skin soft.

// Spain \\
Flamingo dancers, castles (human towers), spicy food, and futbol are just some the things that make Spain a wonderful country. Just like the color red in their flag, people from Spain use cranberry juice for bring out the red highlights in their hair. In addition, they use potato slices for dark under eye circles.

// Sweden \\
SWEEEEEEEDEN! The mecca for fresh air! The Swedish use green tea, mineral water and of course the infamous saunas for their skin.

// Singapore \\
Singapore is a beautiful delicate country prideful in taking care of their health. For their skin they look to avocados or papayas which have lots of great oils in them.

// Turkey \\
Turkish Teas are everything! Another country rich in culture, the turkish people use daisy water to lighten their hair. This works well for blonde or light brown hair.

// UK \\
Last but not least how can we forget our old friends the Brits! You want to know what they do to keep their hair hydrated? Wash it less (very smart) because hair should not be washed every day. It will dry out.

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