National Eczema Association & the Safe Step Act (H. R. 2279)

“As a physician, I took an oath to put patients first. The Safe Step does exactly that,” said Dr. Ruiz.

On May 31st, I received an email from the National Eczema Association about a new bipartisan bill called H.R. 2279. This bill is also known as the Safe Step Act.

The NEA wanted my support and to take action and reach out to federal representative by signing a document in support of the Safe Step Act. Not knowing much about it, I decided to do some research and dive a little bit deeper to see if this was something to support.

So what exactly is the Safe Step Act?

The Safe Step Act was introduced by Dr. Brad Wenstrup and Dr. Raul Ruiz on April 10th, 2019. It’s a bill to ensure patients are provided with access to the best treatment for them, without diversions from insurance companies or unnecessary protocols.

“It is not safe or fair for patients to be forced to use medications that don’t work for them because of insurance companies’ rigid, profit-motivated protocols. These delays can cause unnecessary pain and suffering for patients. My bipartisan bill will help patients get the medicine they need to live healthy, productive lives. I was pleased to work across the aisle with a fellow doctor, Congressman Wenstrup, to develop a patient-centered approach to step therapy protocols that puts the health of Americans first.” ~ Dr. Ruiz

Currently, patients have to jump through hoops due to the ‘step therapy’ protocol that’s in place. Some concerns are:

  • A patient’s unique circumstances and medical history being ignored, in order to push non-effective drugs for profit
  • Patients being steered towards medications that Doctors didn’t originally prescribe…
  • The insurance company’s not covering the current prescription…
  • The less expensive or generic medicine prescribed could lead to harsh side effects
  • Having the patient wait or long delays could lead to irreversible damage

Patients have complained over the years at the frustrating process and doctors around the country took notice.

The ultimate goal of the Safe Step Act is for patients and doctors to gain control of their healthcare, without being swayed by for-profit incentives.

Patients are suffering! For some, their treatment is crucial as it can be a life or death situation.

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