Nadia Sawalha Discusses Her Eczema Battle

“Doctors have checked me and there was very little they could do,” she says. “Eventually I took a completely holistic approach.” ~ Nadia Sawalha

It’s always empowering to see how eczema is discussed when it comes to someone’s career.

Nadia Sawalha is a UK actress and presenter on a show called Loose Women, similar to The View.

In this recent article, she talks about her struggles with eczema and how it’s affected her work and at times she’s wanted to hide away.

“It got so bad that I had no skin at all on my hands,” she remembers. “I would have to go into work with my face totally blown up.” ~ Nadia Sawalha

She now uses Cetraben, a natural oatmeal cream for eczema and focuses on her diet.

“I have so much sympathy for people with skin complaints because people really recoil. They say, ‘What’s that? Are you alright?’ People don’t realise, it’s really hurtful. It’s a very emotional thing for people when they have a skin condition.”


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