Mid-Year Goal Realignment

It’s officially June! I still can’t believe we’re halfway through the year already. I’m sure there are many broken New Years Resolutions and mid-year slumps! Goals you set out for yourself may have taken a slightly different turn than you were expecting. And the beautiful thing about life is, that’s ok.

With that being said, this is the perfect time to take a step back, realign and reassess. So now is the perfect time to self-reflect. Here are 5 ways to help you center yourself by focusing on goals.

  1. Clarity – This is always the hard part for most (myself included). In order to achieve your goal(s), you MUST block outside noise, and focus on what you want. Also, these goals should be limited to a few things. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves thinking we can accomplish twenty different things at once. Then we get so overwhelmed by all our good ideas that we get lost in them, lose focus and accomplish nothing.
  2. Map Out Your Goals – Now that you have your goal(s) in mind, map it out. This can come in many different forms and there is no one way to go about this. You can use a Pinterest and start pinning a goals board, purchase a journal and write it out your plans step by step, record yourself on video, or use a voice recorder – just to name a few. Either way, map it out so you can look back on it and congratulate yourself for accomplishing it.
  3. Schedule – Yes, you need a schedule. Remember this is a goal, not a wish or dream. In order to hold yourself accountable and actually obtain your goal, you must schedule out your progress. Each day should be broken down and dedicated to getting one step closer to your goal. You can always adjust your timelines, but make sure you have them in the first place.
  4. Learn How To Adapt To Change – The most crucial part of this process in evaluating yourself and your goals is knowing when things aren’t going as planned. You must recognize this early on and adapt to change as best as you can. This will ALWAYS go off course at one point or another. So be prepared for this, and seek a way to recourse and quickly. It happens to the best of them, but understand that it happens and you will need to have a plan for when the time comes.
  5. Stick With It – While it may seem simple, we know that achieving your goals is hard. Sometimes brutal, depending on what exactly it is. But that shouldn’t stop or deter you from going for it. No excuses, if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to accomplish it and get it done! So go for it – no holding back, because the most common complaint from those in older generations is regret. Avoid regret and pursue!

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