I Looked Like A Monster

  • 37 year-old Melanie Lynch from Birmingham (UK) started in using steroid creams since she was a toddler (like many of us)
  • Ever since then, she’s been using steroids for over three decades which made her skin worse
  • She made the decision to stop steroid treatment (smart decision) !!!
  • Due to this she withdrawal Melanie went through a horrible symptoms from years of steroid dependency called TSW
  • She claims she “looked like a monster”
  • Her hair and eyebrows fell out – her skin was oozing and fell over everywhere
  • She ended up looking like a burn victim on 95 percent of her body
  • This is due to all the harsh chemicals in steroids, and at one point she used a tube a week
  • Melanie’s skin was so bad she took six months off of work and was housebound
  • As time went on, eventually her skin finally cleared up

To read more and watch the video click the link… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3937474/Extreme-eczema-sufferer-looked-like-monster-quitting-30-year-steroid-cream-addiction-clear-skin-time-life.html

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