Lisa Bryan’s “type A” Busy Lifestyle Left Her With 4 Autoimmune Diseases

Lisa Bryan considered herself as the typical “type A” workaholic, who was too busy climbing the corporate ladder to focus on her health. Ironically, she actually worked in the healthcare industry, but that didn’t encourage her to eat a healthy balanced diet.

In addition, corporate life was wearing her down. This was also something she saw amongst her friends, who also led very busy lives just like herself.

It wasn’t until she started connected the dots that she realized something wasn’t right. Her poor health choices and lifestyle left her diagnosed with F O U R autoimmune diseases – Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s, Psoriasis and Endometriosis.

Realizing that caffeine and junk food would not solve her problems any longer, she looked to a path of wellness in order to heal. Lisa’s new venture is called Downshiftology where she shares gluten-free recipes, travel tips, lifestyle hacks and more.

I’ve been following for some really healthful and inspirational ideas and thought I’d share it on my blog.



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