Leaders in Eczema One-Day Forum DENVER 2017

Lets face it, eczema is extremely FRUSTRATING! There’s no cure (yet), and you’re constantly bombarded with information overload. You probably feel like you don’t have a voice. Which is a problem in and of itself. And here I am presenting you with more information, as you’re probably wondering – what in the world is Leaders in Eczema One-Day Forum.

No worries, this information is actually an event, and I’ve got you covered.

As an eczema sufferer, I would like reiterate how important it is to *BE ACTIVE IN THE ECZEMA COMMUNITY. Eczema is powerful and will work its magic to keep you isolated. So it’s paramount to reach out and connect with others who suffer from this condition.

With that being said, lets talk about the Leaders in Eczema One-Day Forum taking place next Sunday, August 5th, 8:30am – 4:30pm in Denver at the Molly Blank Conference Center in National Jewish Health building.

*CALLING ALL DENVER AND SURROUNDING AREA RESIDENTS* – This is a great opportunity to network, ask questions, speak with doctors/medical professionals, and meet new eczema sufferers.

Discussions will include –

  • News and information from eczema experts
  • Coping strategies and dealing with the emotional impact of eczema
  • Updates on new developments involving eczema research
  • Community with others living with eczema

Still contemplating whether you want to go? Check out the agenda to get a better feel.. agenda 

For those interested – contact myself or Lauren Hewett (lauren@nationaleczema.org) for more info. And feel free to use DENVER87 for a discount on ticket prices!!

Sources – https://nationaleczema.org/Leaders-in-Eczema-Forum-Denver

*East Coast Peeps – There will be a Leaders in Eczema One-Day Forum October 1st in NYC. I will provide more details on this as it gets closer and will be attending this one.

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