Kristen Bell’s childhood eczema returns at age 39

The story featuring Kristen Bell in Women’s Health Magazine is alarming and raises some concerns when it comes to eczema. For decades patients have been told that children were most likely to “outgrow” their eczema once they reach adulthood. We now know that this is not always the case.

American actress Kristen Bell recently spoke out about a horrible eczema flare-up that covered her entire body. A condition she battled in adolescence, came back with a vengeance at the age of 39.

Initially, she thought the eczema was caused by a deodorant that she was using and decided to eliminate it. Unfortunately, this was not the trigger. After consulting with her doctors, they blamed her flare-up on the leaky-gut syndrome.

“I was like, ‘Wait, I eat really good. I don’t deserve this rash.'” ~ Kristen Bell

Due to this, she started an elimination diet. She’s favoring liquids and limiting her intake of gluten, grains, lectins, nightshade foods, and dairy (there’s a bit of controversy with this, as it may lead to building up an intolerance for a portion of food you may not actually be allergic to).

While she’s not 100% free from eczema, she claims this has helped her skin tremendously.

As time goes on, we’re discovering new factors about eczema. And it’s important to note that treatments for eczema vary from person to person.


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