Well + Good’s The Plus Factor came out with an excellent article about kitchens catering to a healthier lifestyle. Long gone are freezers filled with tv dinners, pantries with overstocked canned goods, and tons of over-processed foods. It’s clear as a nation that Americans are sick of being sick!

Architects and tech inventors are taking healthy, active lifestyles into full consideration when it comes to designing kitchens. Kitchens are now being modeled to include, easier ways to eat nutritional nourishing foods. Think, virtual sous chefs, unique appliances, cabinet changing temperatures, and swapping unhealthy food behind dark doors for healthy fruits and veggies within reach.

Oh and don’t rule out a whole section for actually growing your own fresh fruits and veggies, known as the spotlight produce section. These new kitchens might even be dubbed “smart kitchens” as they are relying on technology to set timers, help convert measurements, keeping track of your grocery list, and so much more as appliances will become virtual assistants.

They even have Brava, an oven that uses pure light instead of heat to cook an entire meal on the same plate! Yes, the oven actually uses different temperatures for the food, which you can watch on your phone. And as we know the kitchen has become a gathering spot for families, which is why they’ve built entertainment refrigerators.

One of the biggest changes wellness architect Veronica Schreibeis Smith wants to see is trashcans become obsolete. Hating the idea of contributing landfills. She’s searching for ways to make trash easier in order to avoid adding to landfills and having a smelly kitchen.

The future of our kitchens are healthier, environmentally-friendly, and will end up healing us instead of hurting.

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