JuiceBot – An Organic Juice Vending Machine

Juicing and smoothies are a huge part of the autoimmune community. As it’s a vital way to incorporate nutrients while helping our skin glow. After seeing a machine on my Instagram, I happened to learn more about this company.

Now, this is a substantial creation that I hope will be around for the long run. The JuiceBot organic juice vending machine is a 100% raw, organic, and unpasteurized fresh juice and smoothie press. They pride themselves on not using preservatives and/or emulsifiers.

They’ve dubbed this the ‘modern way to juice,’ and I think this concept is going to be a hit! It’s also fascinating to see the reinvention of the conventional vending machines that were (and still are in some places) filled with junk.

This concept for this vending machine started in a classroom and now they’re in demand at offices, apartments, yoga studios, malls, hospitals, and so much more.

When it comes to safety, the JuiceBot teamed up with a biotech firm to create a technology that can detect pathogens. Such as salmonella and listeria. Additionally, the juice is pressed in a central kitchen and refilled every 24-48 hours.

As of now, an 8-ounce cup costs $5, which is very reasonable for fresh juice.

This is a great wave of future health for everyone especially those who love juices/smoothies and don’t live near a juicery.

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*Photo Credits – Juicebot Insta

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