InflaRx – A Biopharmaceutical Company, Expands to New York City

There’s been a lot of buzz about InflaRx in the biopharmaceutical world, as this company just expanded to the NYC area. InflaRx is a Germany based biopharmaceutical company, with a particular focus on inflammatory diseases.

So how exactly are they tackling inflammation?

By targeting the complement system, which is a crucial element of the immune system. What makes this company so unique is their proprietary anti-C5a technology. C5a is a bioactive molecule that is known to attack complex on the surface of target cells (think of when your eczema is extremely inflamed). But now Anti-complement agents has garnered attention and are the latest way to treat chronic inflammatory diseases as they help control inflammatory response.

By visiting their website you’ll see they provide a lot of information about complement systems as well.

InflaRx was founded by Dr. Niels Riedemann in 2007.

Dr. Niels Riedemann has an extremely impressive resume as he’s spent extensive time researching immunology and inflammation. He received his M.D. training at the Albert-Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany as well as Stanford University in California. While researching at the University of Michigan, he completed his board certification as General Surgeon at the Hannover Medical School. Not to mention he still holds an adjunct Professorship for Experimental Surgery.

During 2008-2015 he’s served as the Vice Director of Intensive Care Medicine at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Additionally, he was a member of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Board of Directors of two research programs that were scientifically government funded in 2012-2015. With multiple awards, over 50 published articles, and being an inventor – I’m not sure there’s anything Dr. Neils Riedemann can’t do.

This is definitely a company to keep your eye on. I’m a huge fan and will be following InflaRx’s progress on tackling and (hopefully) curing inflammatory disease, like eczema.

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