How to Navigate Social Events With Severe Eczema

When you look at a butterfly, you might admire its beautiful, bright wings. As dynamic as it is, you don’t see the metamorphosis process it took to get there. Feeling comfortable with your eczema when you’re out and about can be similar, and it’s important to realize that being able to navigate social events confidently is a process. Once you acquire the skills to do so, you can emerge as the social butterfly you were meant to be.

If you’ve been diagnosed with eczema, you can find yourself struggling in an isolated cocoon, where every scratch results in anxiety and every visible scar leads you to self-doubt. Regardless of how challenging eczema is, it’s important to build your confidence so you’re able to enjoy any event with ease. Here are a few ways to navigate your way through social events while dealing with eczema.

1. Embrace your eczema.

As debilitating as eczema is, it’s the card you’ve been dealt. Don’t beat yourself up over an uncontrollable skin condition. Give yourself some time and learn to accept it. Have a positive attitude and understand you’re not the only one living with this condition. Once you’ve come to terms with your eczema, you’ll start to become your own advocate and feel more relaxed when interacting with others.

2. RSVP.

This French acronym stands for “répondez, s’il vous plaît.” In other words, please respond, preferably with a yes! Avoid getting into the autopilot habit of canceling plans due to the state of your skin. Challenge yourself to attend events you might normally skip, because the more experiences you have, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

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