How eczema affects your relationship: 5 people share their stories (Metro Article)

It’s always nice hearing how others manage their eczema while being in a relationship. This Metro article interviewed five people ranging in age to talk about how their significant others cope with their lifelong eczema.

If you read the whole article (listed below) you’ll see that each and every one of their partners is extremely supportive. This is a beautiful thing and lots of people with eczema need to be reminded that they too can find someone.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the article…

Skin conditions can be incredibly hard to deal with, not only because they affect your physical health but also your mental health. ~ Amara Howe Writer for Metro


Charlotte Bouilloux, 17, Student 

When I was younger I was always scared I wouldn’t find love because of my skin, but little did I know I was wrong.

I hate my eczema but I am slowly learning to accept my disease with the help of my partner.


Sean Anderson, 24, Factory Processor

I feel that she doesn’t understand how itchy it can be. ‘Stop scratching’ or “you’re scratching again” is like me saying to her “I’m going to tickle you but you can’t move or stop me.”

I guess unless you actually suffer from eczema, there is no way to understand what it’s like.


Michelle Vela, 21, Developmental Therapist

My partner constantly reassures me that it will be OK but I can tell he gets annoyed when I obsess over it.

All he wants for me is to feel confident in my own skin and enjoy my life.

Although easier said than done, I agree with him and refuse to let my condition control my happiness.


Zainab Danjuma, 29, Science Technician

Eczema can really affect your self-esteem. I sometimes wonder how my partner can want to be with me when I’m a red flaking mess.

But, somehow this condition has brought us closer together. I’ve learned not to hold in my emotions, and he’s more understanding about how I feel and knows some days I need space and me-time.


Jonny Hugill, 27, Mental Health Nurse

My partner is very supportive, and during my last flare up she would always tell me it would clear up and that I would feel better.

She always reminds me to take my tablets and apply my creams and understands I don’t like talking about my eczema when it’s bad.


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