Well if thats not a bold title I don’t know what is! While there isn’t much to this article I thought I would highlight what a Biologist from the University of Buffalo found in his study.
Findings: (TL:DR – researchers are trying to understand the main cause of skin breakage in eczema….)

  • Eczema has no human benefits when it come to the genes that cause it
  • Itchy skin is a random vestige of evolution
  • “We present a complex evolutionary history of this disease variant, and it seems to be just bad luck that it has endured for so long,” says Gokcumen <—– (translation… eczema sufferers are SOL)
  •  This data included the genomes of 2500 people around the world
  • The important gene was the filaggrin gene
  • The filaggrin gene informs our bodies to make protein of the same name in skin cells
  • For some – inherited genetic mutations caused filaggrin to stop – may have cause a risk for developing eczema
  •  Key words – LOSS OF FUNCTION
  • East Asians are more likely to suffer from filaggrin
  • Honerin mutation is important because it can affect the healthy skin function

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