Hempure CBD Drops

A new decade means a shift in mindset. A time for energy to be refocused and channeled on meaningful experiences. I’ve started a new practice of incorporating CBD oil into my life for a better night’s sleep.

Hempure is a CBD company co-founded and ran by CEO Sabrina King. Their mission is for the products to produce optimal wellness. At Hempure, they compare the human body to that of a tree. If the roots are rotten, the tree will suffer and not flourish. To change that, the roots must be tended to and cared for, just like our bodies.

What makes Hempure so unique is its expert endocannabinoid team to stay on top of the latest research.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

In 1992, researchers discovered it’s the largest proponent of system function in the human body. It plays a major part in the immune and nervous system, to keep a relatively stable equilibrium.

Hempure uses CBD in its products, but it does not include THC. Therefore you wouldn’t get high. The CBD works on the enzymes that are responsible for uptaking the endocannabinoids after being used. This allows the systems of the body to increase their function which helps your serotonin receptors.

Their mission is to focus on optimal health, safely and efficiently.

Benefits: due to DSHEA and FDA guidelines

Although I can’t list the benefits, you can research them online. I’m specifically taking the oil for sleep aid, help with anxiety, and encouragement of a functioning digestive system.

There are many other benefits, but again it works differently for everyone else.

Overall, taking Hempure has been great for my mental state. Even the act so placing a few drops on my mouth for 30 seconds has added a calming routine to my life.

Their products range from oil drops (what I take), capsules, balm, gummies, and even products for your pets.

To find out more, check out their websites: https://www.hempurecbd.com/

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