Good Bacteria Filled Creams for Eczema

We’ve all heard that good bacteria is helpful to your gut and helps fight the bad bacteria, creating a balance. Researchers are using their knowledge about good bacteria to incorporate that into creams and sprays.

If you suffer from eczema the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria is unfortunately prevalent in presence. Apparently, it adores our dry skin, which may lead us to really bad infections. The bad bacteria weakens our skin leaving us with a lack of protection, hence why our skin cracks.

Researchers understand that those with eczema lack this good bacteria. When we are prescribed with antibiotics or medicine in general, it kills the bad bacteria but takes the good bacteria with it.

Thus a revelation to mix good bacteria in creams and sprays. While it won’t cure eczema, they are wondering if this new discovery will lead to less bad bacteria on our skin. As well as a release from the pain.

While the intention is to help relieve eczema, there are still many questions researchers must answer. One of the crucial ones is will the bad bacteria build up a resistance to the creams and sprays over time?

This is a step in the right direction, but a lengthy process to work out.

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