Ginkgo Biloba – 3 Facts About This Popular Natural Ingredient Helping Eczema

Ginkgo Biloba is an evergreen tree that is native to eastern Asian countries and is making waves in the US. While this is not a new discovery and has been a favorite of Asian and European countries, it’s now becoming a contender in US markets as their incorporating it into products. Some of these products include supplements, skin care, capsules, tablets, liquid extracts, and tea.

When it comes to ginkgo, all the benefits and properties reside in the leaves. Here are 3 riveting facts about this popular tree that produces natural benefits:

Reduces Inflammation – According to 16th Century Chinese Medicine, ginkgo seeds were used for skin infections. The antibacterial properties helped fight pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, a known cause that produces inflammation in our eczema.

Helps Brain Function – The powerful leaves that ginkgo biloba produce are said to help cognitive brain function. Some of the benefits include improved memory, thinking, and social behaviors. It does this by improving blood circulation in the brain. In addition, it’s said to help combat anxiety and depression by alleviating symptoms.

Improves Heart Health – Ginkgo helps regulate blood pressure, by causing your veins to dilate which improves circulation. This also releases pressure on your heart and decreases your blood pressure, prevents blood clots, and reduces the risk for a heart attack.

* There are tons more benefits to using ginkgo, however, the key is to LIMIT YOUR DOSAGE! There are strict rules in the EU about the consumption of ginkgo, as there can be side effects! It’s very important to understand how powerful the properties of these leaves are. Always make sure to consult an expert before taking any form of this natural medicine.


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