This article is a wonderful reminder not to neglect natural home remedies and consider these options before running to the doctor or the store. Here are some ways in which salt water gargling is helpful

  • A natural home remedy that’s often overlooked for a lot of common ailments is gargling with salt water
  • It may even soothe your throat within hours
  • Salt and warm water create an osmosis effect – the salt draws fluids from your mouth & throat tissues
  • This is said to relieve painful infections and break up mucus removing irritants
  • It may also prevent an infection from happening twice
  • Bleeding gums and canker sores can be candidates for salt water gargle
  • Another beneficial component to salt water gargles is if you have congestion. It helps clear your nasal passageways
  • It’s important to note that too much salt water can be dehydrating – so do this in moderation


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