Food As Medicine – How the Land Cured My Daughter’s Eczema (Intercontinental Cry)

“It’s eczema. Give her this steroid cream and this moisturizing cream. Also some allergy medications to alleviate the itchiness.”

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A few days ago an article on caught my eye, and after reading it, I felt enlightened. I often read about eczema in different regions in the US and around the world. Although, one group of people that I’ve never covered or ever read about having eczema were Indigenous peoples.

Written by Andra Landry, where she writes a heartfelt piece titled How The Land Cured My Daughter’s Eczema. Here are some of the key pieces from this article:

  • Her family lived on Treaty 6 lands which are also known as the prairies on Poundmaker Cree Nation.
  • The tradition on this land is to hunt for wild game as their food source and more specifically buffalo.
  • Due to colonization and genocide, the Indigenous Peoples were left to starve, faced severe hunger, and more importantly HEALTH PROBLEMS. Sadly, these problems are still around today.
  • The harsh starvation was a brutal tactic used to control, and as a result, some of the women gave up their bodies are collateral damage.
  • And when they did receive food, it was in the form of flour, sugar, and other foods that were unrecognizable to Indigenous peoples.
  • Thus leading up to significant health problems in the Indigenous culture (really most of America) today.
  • *Reliance* on unhealthy processed foods leading to – diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, skin conditions, and more.
  • Recently, there has been a reversal to get back to the original food source systems.

Three months in, I began to notice her skin had some really dry patches on it. At first, they were small and they didn’t seem to bother her. Yet, a few days passed and the dry patches increased, her skin began to turn into a pinkish-red color, and she began to scratch.

That night, we hardly slept. She stayed latched onto me, seeking comfort from the itching. Her skin became red from head to toe. She cried, and cried, and cried, attempting to scratch the itchiness away. All I could do was nurse her and hold her, and cry with her, soothing her with the lotions and creams that we had. I covered her little hands in mitts, or kept or wrapped in a lightweight wrap, as she slept.

  • Andra’s daughter River-Jaxsen started having symptoms of eczema at the age of three months.

Her daughter River-Jaxsen started having symptoms of eczema at the age of three months.

  • Andra was unaware that her continuous consumption of sugar, flour, gluten, and dairy might have been affecting her daughter through breastfeeding.
  • While using creams and allergy medicine helped alleviate symptoms for a little while, they would always flare back up again.
  • After feeling helpless, she enlisted the help of a naturopath a the recommendation of her mother-in-law

“Her skin, this eczema, is because of your diet. You need to go on a specific diet.”

“It’s a yeast overgrowth in both of your bodies. Candida. Kill the candida and her skin will be better. ~ Naturopath

  • Some of the foods she ate on her diet were: wild meat, veggies, low sugar fruit, grains, and very few nuts
  • Within two days her skin cleared up, and her daughters skin had healed.
  • Overtime Andra and her daughter have dedicated their time to understanding and growing their own food on the land.


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