Flight Attendant Uniforms Cause ‘Chemical Burn’ like Rashes

This would be a NIGHTMARE if you have a chronic skin condition.

I thought I’d highlight this article because it raises the question of what one should do if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Around two years ago, Airlines decided to test their new uniforms designed by Zac Posen on 1,000 workers.

Unfortunately, there have been hundreds of complaints about the new uniforms. In a private Facebook group for Flight Attendants, some of the complaints were trouble breathing, insomnia, and skin problems.

Because the uniforms were so uncomfortable, the flight attendants had to really rally together, and seek change. Not an easy feat when they themselves aren’t unionized.

“I don’t even want to call them rashes because it’s worse than that. Some of them look like chemical burns, some of them look like chemical bites, but they don’t go away for weeks at an end,” she said. “I had a huge patch that got infected and I had to take an antibiotic, even, to get rid of it.” ~ Anonymous Flight Attendant

While they aren’t sure what’s causing the rashes, some doctors believe it’s the stain resistant finish which includes formaldehyde.

The airlines stated they’ve already worked on correcting this problem, but there are many skeptics. Only time will tell.

Source: https://jezebel.com/delta-flight-attendants-say-new-uniforms-cause-rashes-t-1833813110

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