First Aid Beauty

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Founded in 2009 by Lilli Gordon, First Aid Beauty (FAB for short) was created with the intention of being affordable, uncomplicated, and effective. Lilli suffers from sensitive skin and when she couldn’t find a product that suited her, she was determined to create her own collection.

FAB products are allergy tested, for maximum results and minimum irritancy. FAB understands that when it comes to skincare, having healthy skin is just as important as the products themselves.

Additionally, FAB prides itself on never being a one-size-fits-all solution. They anything from sensitive and dry skin, all the way to oily skin. My favorite part of their company is that they have a no-no list of over 1,300 ingredients that can be harmful or damaging.

Skin Summit Box –

Ultra Repair Cream (Intense Therapy) – This happens to be their top selling product. The cream can be applied anywhere on the body (I would recommend a test patch first). The textures is whipped and feels really light onces it’s applied to the skin. One of the key ingredients is colloidal oatmeal.

Face Cleanser – This gentle and effective face cleanser can remove makeup, oil, dirt, and grime. Made with aloe vera and a few other ingredients, this works best for dryness and redness.

Facial Radiance Pads – These face pads are free from alcohol and a great solution for dullness, pores, uneven skin tone and texture

Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum – I’m a huge fan of serums. I’m not sure if they are actually very effective, but I love the way they feel on my face. This serum is formulated for all skin types and helps with fine lines, wrinkles and anti-aging.

Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask – A deeply hydrating mask that helps restore a rough and tight complexion. It’s said, to leave your skin soft and rejuvinated.

Priming Paradise Box –

Coconut Water Cream – I love the smell of coconut, so if you’re a huge coconut fan, this product is for you. The oil free cream is incredibly lightweight and absorbs right into the skin, to help lock in moisture.

Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer – Created to use before applying makeup, this primer brightens and moisturizes skin. By using a quinoa protein, this smoothie helps protect the skin and allows for makeup to last all throughout the day.

Coconut Micellar Makeup Melter – This is best used for stubborn makeup. It’s gentle and effective while leaving the skin feel hydrated and not stripped of your natural oils.


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