Firefighter Gets Face Transplant

Firefighter Gets Face Transplant

I always say this but skin is unbelievably STUNNING! As the largest organ it holds the power to completely turn a persons life around.

Patrick Hardison a volunteer firefighter, from Mississippi was responding to a fire when the roof collapsed in on him. This incident happened in 2001, which left his face completely disfigured because of his melted fire mask. He was so disfigured his own children didn’t recognize him and would run away.

Now fourteen years later at the age of 41, he was about to have a face transplant performed on him. The skin he’s receiving is from a 26 year old from Brooklyn, New York, who tragically died in a cycling accident.

To see how the transplant was performed watch the videos below.

Read more of the story here –

Its always important to count your blessing and remember someone else in the world always has it worse. 

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