Figure 1

When I went to the doctor at the age of two to check on a rash, I was misdiagnosed. The doctor mistook my atopic dermatitis (chronic eczema) for baby eczema. He stated that it would go away in no time with the help of some prescribed medicine. I don’t blame the doctor as people make mistakes and he did identify that I had eczema. However, it would have been nice to have a second opinion on hand as the severity of my eczema grew worse over time.

I read an article about the Figure 1 app and thought this was an AMAZING concept. Figure 1 is a free app for healthcare professions to download on their phones. It’s dubbed as the ‘Instagram for Doctors’ medical app. Created by Josh Landy the app allows doctors and healthcare professionals around the world to share images with one another. The purpose is to receive or seek out more information about complex patient cases.

There is a big concern about privacy but the article states that all images passed through MUST have the patients consent. Personally, I believe this is an incredible app. It not only helps patients, but also builds a sense of community with medical professionals. A perfect combination! 

Pretty darn innovative if you ask me!

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