Facebook users troll Shatta Wale over ‘eczema’ on his neck

I’ve never heard of this artist Shatta Wale, but he’s one of the biggest stars in Ghana. As you all know I am constantly researching anything relating to eczema.

Yesterday, I decided to expand my horizons and learn about eczema in other countries when this article popped up.

Shatta Wale (Ghanian Reggae Dancehall Musician and Producer) wanted to promote his barber for his creative sleek lines, designed in his hair.

Unfortunately, the focus was not on the hairstyle, but it was on his eczema. Which is barely noticeable and looks like a little discoloration.

If they make fun of him for the scarcely few dots of eczema…oh boy! I can only imagine they’d have a multi-million dollar Netflix Special about my skin.

Sad to see such ignorance.

Cheers all the bloggers promoting awareness!

Sources: https://citinewsroom.com/2018/05/22/facebook-users-troll-shatta-wale-over-eczema-on-his-neck/


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