Exercise Fabrics For Sensitive Skin

Exercise Fabrics For Sensitive Skin
Exercise Fabrics For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, finding the right fabric can be the biggest challenge. Especially if you’re looking for workout clothing. It’s important to understand that those with sensitive skin are usually allergic to the chemicals in the synthetic fabrics. In addition, if you stay in your sweaty clothing too long, it could cause rashes or yeast infection. Here are some tips on what to look for:

Look for super-natural / moisture-resistant  – skip the comfy t-shirts and spend on a material thats good for sweat

Look for hydrophobic – this has a tighter weave or an invisible barrier where moisture rolls right off. Also, it helps regulate your temperature.

Look for Merino wool – “performance wool” is ultra soft and have antibacterial properties.

Look for silver nanoparticals – “anti-stink” fabric allows you to stay fresh.

Look for material made from Qsilk – it resistant to fire and bacteria. Oh and apparently it can be edible.

Remember you want quality fabrics, that are protective of sensitive skin. So if you have to shell out more money, think of your skin first. Its worth the investment.

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