EczemaLess – The Coolest AI Eczema App

The future is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and if you download the EczemaLess app, you’ll see why this is such an exciting new space.

Let’s start with the coolest feature, the AI integrated technology. When EczemaLess partnered up with the Silicon Valley start-up Polyfins Technology, they wanted to create something unique. Not only did they focus on inflamed skin, but the causes of inflammation as well.

So they introduced a skin analyzing technology, this allows you to scan a picture of your eczema, which then gets categorized into a severity rating. By using the vIGA (Validated Investigator Global Assessment) scale, and taking a POEM questionnaire, doctors can assess the skin better and provide you with the correct treatment.

Additionally, the EczemaLess app is all about your eczema triggers. The app was designed to feature an intuitive user interface to help identify suspected triggers leading to your flare-ups. Triggers such as pollen, excessive sweat, or perhaps the food you ate. The possibilities are endless, but now you can digitally record and analyzed them through their user-friendly graphs.

Keeping track of your triggers is crucial, and it’s important to have a plan of action. The EczemaLess app did just that, by including a built-in care routine system. Users can store information on the products and methods they’re using to treat their skin, record your sleep loss, and track itchy dry skin. The features are endless, making this officially one of the coolest apps out there.

If you’re looking for an easier way to track your eczema, the EczemaLess app is officially a game-changer!

*For extreme cases, please consult with a professional.

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