Eczema Is Making Waves

eczema is making waves
eczema is making waves

I’m not sure if hell is freezing over, but in the last couple of days, ECZEMA has really been making the headlines!!!

It’s been amazing, but almost too good to be true! Could it be that eczema is finally being taking serious by the media? Or is it due to the rise of children developing eczema? Either way, I feel like this guy… (starts at 0:06 mark)

Thats right! I’m happy and I hope this keeps spreading awareness and we find a cause and cure eczema once and for all. In the meantime check out the latest eczema stories headlining the news!

// Dupilumab \\

Important: Science Finds a Cure for Eczema

// Eczema Therapies \\ 

// Eczema’s Natural Defense…Could Lead To Treatment \\

// Study Connects Antibiotics to Eczema/Hay Fever \\ 

// Vitamin B Levels During Pregnancy Linked to Eczema Risk in Children \\



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