Eczema In Dubai – #LivingWithEczema

eczema is a condition that not only affects a patient but also psychologically impacts their family, who witness their suffering. ~ Dr. Anwar Al Hammadi

For years, Dubai has been marketed as the ultimate luxury destination among the super elite. So when I dug a little deeper I was surprised at my findings.

One of the most common and prevalent skin condition plaguing the UAE is eczema. It’s estimated that around 15% of patients visiting dermatologists suffer from this condition.

To spread awareness, Dr Anwar Al Hammadi, Consultant Dermatologist and President of the Emirates Dermatology Society created #LivingWithEczema a nationwide campaign.

One of the key elements of this campaign is to clear up misconceptions about eczema. Which sadly still go on to this day. It was also created to help empower eczema patients.

“Atopic dermatitis remains the most common skin condition and yet, there are still many misconceptions surrounding its symptoms and management. This can perpetuate stigmatisation and lead to adverse effects for those who endure it,” explained Dr Al Hammadi.

By creating awareness and having a conversation, this helps ease the ongoing stigma around eczema.

One part of the article I didn’t agree with so much was his take on “steroid-phobia.” While the side-effects may not be so harsh for some patients, others have been through hell and back when it comes to steroids.

Overall, this is a phenomenal campaign and I’m excited to see how other countries throughout the world tackle eczema head on.

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