Eczema Doesn’t Just Hurt My Skin—It Also Impacts My Mental Health – StyleCaster

*This is a very short read, but so worth it. You’ll find that everything the author, Imani Bashir says to be extremely relatable!

This was a very powerful article about the mental toll eczema takes on your health. Imani Bashir is a freelance writer, who expressed the trials and tribulations of her outlook on life, battling eczema. Dealing with this condition has opened her eyes to recognize her own dealings with mental health.

Embarrassment | Anxiety | Depression | Isolation

In my experience, living with eczema can be an attack on one’s self-esteem and often changes our self-perception. Eczema can cause self-doubt based on how you believe others view the condition and can give you a flawed sense of reality. ~ Imani Bashir

Bashir goes in-depth about not wanting to be around people because of the way her skin looked. How she would scratch her skin until it bled, wearing long sleeves/pants in the summer, and so much more. It’s definitely worth checking out!!

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