Eczema Company to Watch – Cosi Care

Meet Lauren Bell, the founder of Cosi Care. She’s also the winner of a New Designers Award, a Tony Anson Fund, a Trend Bible Award and was awarded money at the Santander’s Entrepreneur Competition.

Cosi Care is all about merging eczema and technology. Growing up, Lauren watched the agony her brother Rhys went through after being diagnosed with eczema at the age of three.

Not only did eczema leave him with red scars, and unbendable fingers. He also endured numerous life-threatening infections. This is a dangerous aspect of having severe eczema, that’s not often mentioned.

During her senior year at Brunel University, she focused her final project on eczema toys to help alleviate symptoms. The responses were enough for her to realize she was onto something.

After graduating from Brunel University, she had the vision to start her own business. She knew that eczema was a huge problem, not only in her household but all throughout the UK. Thus Cosi Care, a line of eczema toys was born.

Although their products aren’t available just yet, once they hit the market they will be game-changers!!


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