Eczema Care Cream – Why it’s 100% time to Support Small Businesses!

Confidence without comprise ~ Eczema Care Cream

If there was ever a time to support small businesses, it’s now! Out of the kindness in their hearts, the Eczema Care Cream is donating 100% of the proceeds to Meals on Wheels America to help the elderly. This is EXACTLY why I love the eczema community!

The Eczema Care Cream understands the difficulties of enduring eczema while having a social life. From the non-stop itching, to constantly wearing long sleeves at events, and of course desperately seeking products at the drug store to alleviate any pain.

When nothing worked, they took matters into their own hands. Long gone are the days of using anything on our skin that we can’t pronounce!

They worked nonstop to concoct a product to help eczema-prone skin. This product would include all-natural ingredients, be safe and effective, and most importantly relieve dry, itchy, and red skin.

After lots of trial and error in their small Ohio kitchen, they figured it out. With just eight ingredients, they handcrafted the perfect formula and decided to call it called the Eczema Care Cream.

With ethically sourced ingredients from the USA, Spain, and Australia they wanted to make sure their product was of the highest quality. Additionally, they were very mindful of including nut oils, as many eczema patients (myself included) suffer from severe nut allergies.

Each jar includes the quote “confidence without compromise,” which I loved. After opening the jar the earthy scent of tea tree oil and rosemary leaf oil felt like happiness. If you’re a fan of these scents like I am, then you’ll fall even more in love with this cream.

With just a small dab placed on the problem areas, you’ll notice that it’s not greasy! This has always been a huge issue when it comes to creams, but this cream is a perfect blend of oils and beeswax that locks in the moisture without that greasy feeling.

Oh and if you’re wondering yes, they ship all over the US and internationally! (see details for international shipping). If you’re looking for a cream for those rough dry patches, this is hands down a winner!

To find more information on Eczema Care Cream check out their website –

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