If there’s one thing I aim to do with my blog, its bring you real life stories of those who suffer skin conditions. Everyday I read through articles or watch videos and I am truly amazed.

People sharing their stories from all over the world is such a beautiful thing to witness. Recently, I came across a video that was hands down one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while.

28 year-old YouTuber Zainab Danjuma expresses her struggles with eczema dating back to birth, giving us a in depth look through videos, storytelling and reminiscing.

This is a MUST WATCH!!!

Here are some highlights she touches upon:

  • The 7 Year Itch – She talks about how she heard Eczema/Allergies/Asthma comes in 7 year cycles.
  • She shows an adorable video from when she was younger, and how she couldn’t escape scratching her skin
  • At 7 years old she tried alternative medicines.
  • Once she hit the age of 21 – her skin was covered in eczema
  • At 28 – her skin is going through a rough patch

I highly recommend watching this video as it talks about the struggles of dealing with daily eczema.

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