DuJour Magazine’s Interview w/ Dr. Richard Firshein

My practice focuses on a holistic approach, which looks at your DNA, allergies, gut biome, hormones, toxicity, autoimmune conditions, and nutritional levels, to name a few. ~ Dr. Richard Firshein

The title “The Longevity King” caught my eye as I was reading the latest edition of DuJour magazine. Anytime there’s a doctor pictured, I’m always curious to read about their latest advice. Sometimes it’s excellent other times, not so much.

Written by Kim Peiffer (the Editor In Chief), this interview did a tremendous job of being raw and honest. It was very relatable, which is something you don’t see too often as most interviews are perfectly curated.

So let’s get into the interview…

Dr. Richard Firshein is the founder of the Firshein Center which is a integrative medical practice on the Upper East Side. He’s combined old-fashioned medicine and high-tech medicine to get to the root of patients problems.

Growing up, I suffered from severe food allergies and asthma that landed me in the hospital.

For many years, I was seen by doctors, prescribed medications, yet nothing was helping. No one was trying to dissect what was really wrong.

At one point he was experiencing fatigue, headaches, and fogginess. Which led him to seek out a solution to this problem. He mentioned that in order for him to be the healthiest version of himself it involves customization and individual testing which is livelong (hence the title of the article).

After a stint in the intensive care unit, he decided that this was his moment to really do something about it. Due to his hospitalization, he decided to take a year off in order to detox from all the medication he was prescribed.

This led him to opening up his own practice.

The Firshein Center has been in business since 1991 and focuses on all the different factors that lead up to your condition. He understands that each patient is different, so their visits will consist of specialized testing geared towards this. This approach is something he firmly believes in, stating that Doctors will miss diagnosis if they don’t start paying more attention to patients individually instead of collectively.

What we really should be talking about is health extension and then longevity.

Most of my patients don’t want to just live longer if they can’t be healthy.

Source: DuJour Magazine

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