Dove DermaSeries

We’re three days into 2018 and I’m loving the vibes of this year already!
I am THRILLED to announce Dove’s DermaSeries product line is officially out and in stores.

(my local target, very affordable prices)

Dove worked with dermatologists and made a concentrated effort to create a line for those suffering from eczema (hello) and/or those who have hypersensitive skin.

One of my favorite features is that the face cream has SPF. This is HUGE! A lot of sensitive skin products lack this feature or if  SPF is added, they reflect it in the price point. With a broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen, your skin will be hydrated and well protected from the sun rays.

All the products in this line are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, non-sticky and light.

The DermaSeries products are great for those that want a go-to eczema product. Dove DermaSeries will be carried in a multiple stores. Be sure to check out the line in stores near you or online

Photo Credit: Dove
Disclaimer: Products featured in this blog post were gifted through a partnership with dove!!

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