Doctors and Nurses Reveal the Devastating Reality of COVID-19 | The Atlantic

After watching this gut-wrenching video, there MUST be major changes in how we operate the healthcare system.

Here are the sad realities Doctors and Nurses are facing:

  • Waiting rooms are filled to the brim and unfortunately, some patients have died. The overcrowding has also led to an increase the spread of this awful virus as patients are coughing on top of each other.
  • Mental Health – All of the schooling and advanced degrees couldn’t hold a candle to how mentally damaging this will be for all those on the front lines. They are overwhelmed by not only risking their lives but seeing patients and their colleagues die in mass amounts.

Let’s think about this, the building is on fire. We’re all firefighters inside trying to put out this fire, but we’re naked. Right! Because they didn’t protect us. ~ Doctor

  • Shortages of PPE – Other countries are better equipped as they are wearing chemical suits, goggles, gowns, gloves, etc., while the US has resorted to trashbags and sheet protectors due to the shortage
  • Preparing Contingency Plans – The gloom reality is that these front line medical staff workers don’t know what tomorrow brings. They have no choice but to prepare for the worse case scenarios.

If all of us are calling out sick, there are no more doctors left, there are no more nurses left. I incubated a nurse the other day, from COVID19.

  • Ventilator Shortage – They are faced with hard decisions on who they will save with a shortage of ventilators. If they split the ventilator, two people have a decrease change of survive.

I thought this video was superb with steller animation, editing shots, and depicting the overall crisis that is COVID19.

There will be lots of challenges when changing the infrastructure of healthcare, but it can be done!

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