DermaTherapy FDA Approved Bedding

We have approximately 47 days left in 2017…but who’s counting?

We all know, once New Years Day comes around, so do new resolutions! Such as the typical – wanting to lose weight (me, cough cough), traveling more (me, cough cough), developing better habits (me, ding ding ding) and the list goes on and on.

But, lets backtrack and talk about habits, in particular sleeping habits. Sleep is a habit a lot of us haven’t mastered. In fact, the majority of us are all over the place, when it comes to a good nights rest. That’s not good.

I know you’ve seen those, “Sleep when you die,” quotes but sleep is important. Especially if you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema.

Besides tossing, turning and scratching during a flare-up, we have to deal with sheets that become littered with excessive skin flakes, pus, blood, oozing and more. Its a pain.

Luckily, someone understood this pain and invented bedding, to help those in need.

I first heard about DermaTherapy a few years ago, I was so intrigued I previously featured it on my blog here.

For those that have never heard of DermaTherapy Sheets, here are some informative info:

  • It has an FDA clearance for Class 1 medical device (AD, eczema, psoriasis & pressure sores)

  • The fabric is 50% polyester and 50% nylon yards
  • There’s a soil release treatment, making the linens easier to clean
  • The fabric is stain resistant!
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Micro-fibers help regulate the temperature, keeping you from getting too cool or too hot.
  • The sheets are said to ‘wick away’ moisture from the skin
  • Less friction and skin abrasion
  • Proven clinical trials, that show patients results of how much better they slept and their skin felt from DermaTherapy sheets

This past week, I was able to test DermaTherapy sheets out and I was thoroughly impressed. As soon as I opened the packaged I washed the sheets, which is something I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone do for any bedsheets or clothing.

Once the sheets were washed I immediately placed them on my bed as I love warm bedsheets. I must say, the sheets are a bit slippery so I did struggle in the beginning when making my bed. Funny enough, they have a tutorial to help you…

These sheets are also used in hospitals and other places, which is great because they are very soothing for sensitive skin.

They are cool to the touch which took some getting used to against my skin, but once I did they felt wonderful. These sheets will really help on those hot and humid summer nights when you feel overheated, as they will keep you nice and cool.

What I loved most about them is that they are light, breathable and have a silky feel. This allowed me to get a nice deep sleep for once. Also, they are super affordable!!

If you don’t have any sleeping issues then these sheets probably aren’t for you. However, if you suffer from restless nights due to your skin ailment(s) such as eczema, psoriasis and acne then these are the sheets for you!

To find out more about DermaTherapy Sheets check out their website –



*Disclosure – DermaTherapy has kindly gifted me their product featured in this post.

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