DermaTherapy – Bedding For Skin Care Sufferers!

DermaTherapy - Bedding Created Specifically For Skin Care Sufferers!
DermaTherapy – Bedding For Skin Care Sufferers!

This is exactly how I felt when I read about DermaTherapy! Anytime I hear about a startup or a well established company catering towards skin sufferers I seriously can’t contain my excitement, she knows what I’m talking about

DermaTherapy is an incredible new startup company that created bedding specifically for individuals who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


If you have a skin condition you know the nightmare that sleeping on sheets causes when your skin sheds like its going out of style. From all the scratching, flakes, oozing, pus, blood and whatever else happens, its not pretty. These sheets seem like a Godsend. So you’re wondering how this all works…

Heres the 411*

DermaTherapy – ONLY line of bedding geared towards skin conditions and menopause.

How does it work – The woven shape of the fibers creates a unique cross section where tiny channels wick moisture away and dries skin quickly. Therefore, evaporation takes place on the fabric and not on your skin. Its extremely smooth to minimize abrasion on sensitive skin. Soil release finish aids oily stains. Clinical trials were conducted with 37 patients in an 8 week study (where do they find all these patients and how do I sign up!). You can read the results on the website here

Cost – Pillows $16.99-19.99. Bed Sheets $99.99-159.99 (range depending on the size pillow and bed)

Products – Bedding for Skin care, Menopause, Wound Care

Does this require special laundering – Nope! They can be washed and dried on a low to medium heat. No need of fabric softeners (use shouldn’t be using this if you have sensitive skin) or dryer sheets. Non-chlorine bleaches only.

Super exciting!!!! I hope this company becomes a household name. It would be great to purchase this at Target, Costco and other big store retails!!

To find out more about DermaTherapy check out their website

Bonus* – They’re coming out with a sleepwear line 🙂

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