Curing My Incurable Eczema by Cara Ward

YAS! Whenever someone pours their heart into writing a story about eczema, I believe an ‘angel gets its wings’… or a sufferer gets some new (clear) skin cells! The latest eczema / rss / tsw book –

Curing My Incurable Eczema
Who: Cara Ward
Summary:  Cara Ward hails from the UK and has been battling Red Skin Syndrome as a result of Topical Steroid Withdrawal. In 2015, she decided to document this experience through her blog

Determined to get her book published by the end of 2017, Cara dedicated her mornings, nights and weekends to writing. The payoff was worth it as, as you can now purchase her book on amazon.

20% of the proceeds go to ITSAN (International Topical Steroid Addiction Network), which is a great way of giving back!

So awesome!! Go Cara.

This is AWESOME, please support Cara and buy this book!

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