Chronicon – October 28th

YESSSSSS… I’m thrilled for this concept of Chronicon that’s coming to NYC this October 28th! It’s the first of its kind and long overdue.

Chronicon founder Nitika Chopra is doing BIG THINGS when it comes to being a chronic illness advocate. At the age of 10, she was diagnosed with psoriasis and at 19 she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

Learning to deal with these two ailments hasn’t been easy for Nitika as she’s battled through pain, insecurity, confusion, and depression. But like the warrior that she is, she’s excelled at discovering how to deal with it by navigating self-care and learning how to keep her inflammation at bay.

Nitika has a very impressive entrepreneur portfolio, but this is by far her biggest venture yet!

Chronicon is a celebratory event that’s partnered with Healthline and open to anyone who’s suffered through a chronic illness. It prides itself on integrity, inclusion, and inspiration. This event is lined up with speakers, keynote fireside chats, musical performances and so much more!!

Their website provides the full list of scheduled events and speakers. If you’re looking to connect to a supportive community…I’d jump on this chance to attend.

Tickets are on sale now:

To find out more, check out:

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